Ja'Sean Holmes

Scholar - Leader - Future Biomedical Engineer



Welcome! I am an undergraduate student studying computational and molecular biology but who has an earnest passion for engineering. Much of my life has been marked by a vision of improving the lives of others, and, as an engineer, I will accomplish this endeavor on an individual, communal, and even global scale.

With excellence in mind and community at heart, I plan to make this world a better place through medical technology and community service. Thus, I aspire to be a biomedical engineer who revolutionizes healthcare and education.

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Memphis NSBE Jr. Member of the Year

Memphis NSBE Jr. Member of the Year, I was granted this profound award for my extensive work and sincere passion as a member of this pre-collegiate initiative. From designing the logo for members' T-shirts to collaborating with fellow students in major mathematics competitions, my vision as an aspiring biomedical engineer has been positively impacted by my experiences in this phenomenal community of STEM leaders. Learn more.

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Founder and President of the Colby Engineering Society (CEngSoc)

Founder and President of the Colby Engineering Society (CEngSoc), Upon entering the realm of a liberal arts institution, I knew that my journey as a future engineer must not be halted. Therefore, I decided to establish my college's very first student-led organization dedicated to fostering the academic and professional development of Colby students interested in engineering while also valuing the interdisciplinary dexterity that comes from a liberal arts education. In CEngSoc, a cohort of students and I collaborate on interactive robotics and programming projects, compete in regional hack-a-thons, and connect with engineering professionals committed to advancing the next generation of engineers. Learn more.

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Eariously Intern

At Eariously, I'm learning what it’s like to create software solutions to real-world problems. I created and optimized a morning listening service prototype product based on students’ needs after interviewing over 30 students, leading to a permanent feature. I worked on developing and refining the onboarding system to get listeners started. I helped reduce onboarding time from 5 minutes to 60 seconds from QR code to listening. I also worked with company’s two co-founders, 10 fellow interns, and more than 200 students to prioritize software development backlog. Learn more.

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